Sunday, April 26, 2009

We're updated with new stocks!

Firstly, we have been received order for the name handphone charms.

Order yours now! at Exclusively Rose. You just head over to our sidebar and select Handphone Charms to see what's available in store for you.

Please do remember to use the order form there as it is slightly different from the original one because we have to be clear on what you're ordering. =))))

Next! We have updated out Necklace Collection with new beauties. Grab yours now! There's only one piece and there won't be any re-makes.

Black & gray pearls with dangling pendant
Length: 38cm
Price S$18.00

Vintage pendant with dangles and pink pearls
Length: 35cm
Price S$12.00

We have a new update! Brand new bracelet that you can customize yourself! How cool can that be???

Name Bracelet
Customize your own name on your bracelet.
S$10 per piece (minimum for 3 alphabets)
Additional S$1.50 charge for each alphabets added.

Head on over to Bracelet Collection to know about this name bracelet.

Last but not least! We have a new creation that we made ourselves!

Name Bookmarks
Length is as requested.
Price: $5.00 per piece (minimum 3 alphabets)
Additional $0.50 for every alphabet added.

Head on over to our Bookmark Collection at the sidebar to know more about our creations. It's one in a million. You can't find it anywhere else except here, at Exclusively Rose. Get yours now!

For more enquiries, you can tag us at the Enquiries tagboard available at the sidebar.

See something attractive? Mail us the order form to

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hey you all! New updates are in now! Click on the pictures at the sidebar under COLLECTIONS & PACKAGES to navigate to your desired collections!

Well well well. New necklaces are up for grabs! Pearly classic & funky pink is the IN thing now! Items sold? Fret not! We do remakes too! Enjoy the wonderful collections here at Exclusively Rose.

There are new updates under Earrings Collection #01!
Get brand-new hand-made accessories here at Exclusively Rose now!

Well, new updates under Brooch Collection #01 too! More flower & candy series available. Just click on the picture at the sidebar under COLLECTION & PACKAGES to view what Exclusively Rose has to offer you.

Hand-made handphone charms at affordable prices are available here too!
We have 2 different designs to choose from...

Model A:
S$7.50 per piece **minimum of 3 letters**
S$1.50 is charged for additional letter
Heart-shape bling-bling is also available
Strap colour can be choosen from black, brown, white, light blue, light pink, silver

Model B:
S$4.00 per piece **minimum of 3 letters**
S$0.50 is charged for additional letter
Colour of alphabet is decided by customers
Please do indicate it in the handphone charm's order form

Dangling pendant/chain is up to customer's choice. Please take note that the straps do not come with any box. There will be an additional S$1-3 (depending on length of strap) charges for each handphone strap.

For more enquiries, you can tag us at the Enquiries tagboard available at the sidebar.

See something attractive? Mail us the order form at

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

COLLECTION #01 is out!!!!
Look at the sidebar and click on the pictures to view our current collection.
Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Brooches & even PACKAGES!!!
Grab yours now!

Do not be afraid if item is sold.
We do re-makes too!!!
So what are you waiting for??

See something attractive?
Well, mail us the order form to


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